Terms of Service

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Welcome to buyappreviews247. Please read the following terms of service carefully before you use these services by buyappreviews247. This agreement specifies legal terms and conditions for the overall usage of the website and services. You agree to this agreement when you use the subscription service. The use of words “our”, “us”, “we” and “buyappreviews247” refer to buyappreviews247. The use of words “your”, “client”, “you” refer to the user of buyappreviews247.


Client libraries are used to collect customer data and send such data to servers of buyappreviews247.

Customer data means every detail, information and data provided by the customer in association with the authorized use of buyappreviews247’s service include, but not limited to data transmitted to the service through the client libraries.

Data point means an event call, a session stop or a session start.

Documentation means guide implementation, user documentation, help information related to the service provided by buyappreviews247 for its customers in any form.

Buyappreviews247 property means all systems, platforms, inventions, concepts interfaces, tools, templates, utilities, methods, processes, trade secrets, forms, algorithms, and other technologies associated with our company, applications, products and services created and licensed by buyappreviews247 before or outside the overall scope of any extension, modification or improvement thereof and every intellectual property right thereto without any limitation to the client libraries, report templates, client libraries, aggregate data and the service.

Order form means an order form referencing agreement that is agreed and executed by both parties.

Report template means formatting, content, look and the overall feel of templates used for charts, graphs, reports and other representations in which results are presented to customer.

Service means app marketing services of buyappreviews247 designed and developed by a qualified team of dedicated personnel and provided to customer as per this agreement that is updated from time to time by our team in our sole discretion.

Relationship between BuyAppReviews and the developer

Buyappreviews247 does not have any right on any kind of developed apps as well as intellectual property rights. Application developers are responsible for the rights, title and overall interests.

Buyappreviews247 gets the complete right, interest and title in our service, service documentation and associated intellectual property rights. App developer does not get none of them.

Every developer gets a non-exclusive, revocable and limited license to have the complete access to service documentations of buyappreviews247 as long as this agreement is valid to run the service as per terms specified in this agreement. Rights not specified in this agreement are kept by buyappreviews247 as well as its licensors. The developer has to bear in mind that buyappreviews247 might create any app, content and other services independently like developers’ apps. Any term in this agreement does not prevent buyappreviews247 from application development and its promotion in any aspect. The developer has the right to suggest, give feedback and materials associated with buyappreviews247. In such situation, the developer has to give us the overall right over the content. The developer has to agree to take relevant actions when buyappreviews247 request such actions sometimes in order to comply with the terms and use the rights of buyappreviews247 specified in this agreement.


Buyappreviews247 provides everything as specified. We can refuse cancel or registration of any account in our sole discretion at any time. We will not provide any refund regarding no satisfaction in our services. You have the responsibility to check the current terms and conditions of buyappreviews247.

You make use of any material or kind of information in our website at your own risk. We shall not be liable for this. You have the responsibility to be aware of every aspect of our services, products and information available in our website to meet your specific requirements.

We do not provide any guarantee in terms of completeness, timeliness, materials and information available in our website for any particular purpose. Keep in mind that these materials may have some errors and inaccuracies. We exclude liability for these inaccuracies and errors to the maximum extent permitted by law.

The developer warrants, covenants and represents to BuyAppReviews that

  • Buyappreviews247 has the complete rights and can assure us that each licensed specified in this agreement devoid of violation of any right to the third party.
  • Your content, use and applications do not violate or infringe the overall rights of people.
  • You provide an app that will comply with all applicable regulations and laws associate with the usage of buyappreviews247 and keep each permission and license connected to the service. Comply with the rules and regulations of a relevant payment network when the application involves the payment.
  • Our application content cannot be illegal in any aspect at any time.
  • Your apps and their content do not have malicious code, virus, adware and others.
  • Your apps will submit to the overall terms of our terms of service and other guidelines in it.
  • Disclaimers

    We have the no responsibility for the third party software, customer content or anything associated with our service whether caused by programming, equipment, third parties connected with the buyappreviews247. We are not responsible for overall behaviour of user of any service. Our websites does not get the responsibility for any technical problem associated with the network, computer systems, service, software, equipment and damage to any system of the customer who connects with the use of our service. Buyappreviews247 is not responsible for damages and losses under any circumstance as the result of our online and offline service usage. We disclaim representations as well as warranties of BuyAppReviews in every aspect. We cannot provide any guarantee and pledge any specific result after our service usage. We do not warrant that materials in our website are error free, reliable, current and complete.

    Responsibility limitation

    We will be liable to you or third person for any indirect, consequential or special damage in any case. Our limitation on responsibility depends on the amount of money paid by our customer and the agreement is in act. Keep in mind that the maximum liability may not exceed $1000. You may have the legal support to claim more than $1000. In such situation, some or all elements of limitations may not be applied to you.


    Every developer agrees to secure buyappreviews247 and also its partners from any damage, expense, demand and claim including fees of attorney that happen as a consequence of the agreement violation and service use.

    Your responsibilities

    You may not use buyappreviews247 services to upload, email, send, post and transmit any content that has unlawful, abusive, harassing, libellous, hateful, defamatory, obscene, threatening, and ethically objectionable message or material. You may not make available

  • Any material that you do not have any right to use and transmit or that infringes any copyright, trademark, trade secret or patent of any party.
  • Any unauthorized, unsolicited advertising, junk mail, spam, promotional materials, chain letters, pyramid schemes, commercial communications in the unsolicited category and any unauthorized form of solicitation.
  • Falsified contact information of email campaigns using third party services or subject line do not contain a function on the subject of Unsubscribe and a lack of detailed contact us details.
  • A material that has malicious code or program designed to interrupt the functionality of any computer software or telecommunications equipment.
  • A material that contains some content that may subject to rules and regulations propagated under the export administration act.
  • A material that has social security number of any person, details regarding individually identifiable health, credit card and bank account information.
  • Impersonate any entity or person or misrepresent your affiliation with an entity or person.
  • Breach any aspect of the right of privacy, right under consumer, right of confidence, data protection legislation and related things.
  • Disturb the buyappreviews247 servers or service or network, policies, procedures, regulations or disobey requirements specified by us.
  • Attempt to unauthorized access to buyappreviews247 service, networks and systems
  • Violate applicable international, national, state or local law or regulation
  • Exploit integration with the third party services for implementing any of the above-mentioned activities. Other
  • These agreement and terms of use draw up the whole agreement between the buyappreviews247 and the developer regarding the use of the service, cancellation of a previous agreement between the buyappreviews247 and developer. Our failure to enforce any accomplishment of these agreement and terms of use will not constitute a waiver of such right in any case. Use of buyappreviews247 service needs the overall implementation of the separate contract.